An New Analysis of Succinic Anhydride Prices

Succinic anhydride is an important organic compound, which commonly used in the synthesis of polyester resins, plastics, pharmaceutical , pesticides, spices and other fields.

Here are some factors that can affect the price of succinic anhydride:

1.Production capacity and output:

The production capacity and production level of chemical plants have an important impact on the price of succinic anhydride. If the supplier’s production capacity is insufficient or the output is unstable, it may cause the market to be undersupplied, thereby pushing up the price.

2.Environmental Policies and Regulations:

The Chinese government pays more and more attention to environmental protection and strengthens the supervision of the chemical industry. Changes of environmental protection policies and regulations may cause chemical companies to take higher environmental protection measures and increase production costs, which may have a certain impact on the price of succinic anhydride.

3.The relations of supply and demand in Raw material

The main raw materials of succinic anhydride are succinic acid, halogenated alkanes, and anhydrating agent. The supply and demand of raw materials directly affects the price of succinic anhydride. Prices can rise if supplies of raw materials are tight or demand exceeds supply. Conversely, if the supply is excessive  or the demand is insufficient, prices may fall.

4.Cost of production

The production of succinic anhydride involves many steps, including raw material procurement, manufacturing process, energy consumption, etc. The cost changes in these steps directly affect the price of the final product. For example, rising raw material prices, rising energy costs, or rising labor costs may lead to an increase in the price of succinic anhydride.

5.The demand of Market

The demand of market is an important factor affecting the price of succinic anhydride. Succinic anhydride is widely used in resins, coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals and etc., so its price is closely related to the needs of these industries.

6.Policies and Regulations

Government policies and regulations can have an impact on the price of succinic anhydride. For example, tax policies, environmental protection regulations, import and export policies, etc. These factors may all have an indirect impact on its price. Government policy changes such as restrictions on the import of raw materials and the strengthening of environmental protection requirements may lead to adjustments in the supply chain of succinic anhydride, thereby affecting its price.

7.Factors of global market

Succinic anhydride is an internationally traded product, and global market factors will also affect its price. Changes in global succinic anhydride production capacity, the  relations of supply and demand in the international market, exchange rate fluctuations may have a certain influence on the price of succinic anhydride in China.

To sum up, the price of succinic anhydride in China is affected by various factors such as raw material supply and price, production capacity and output, environmental protection policies and regulations, market demand and supply-demand relationship, and global market factors. We need to analyze these factors comprehensively and pay close attention to market dynamics to provide accurate price forecasts and recommendations.


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