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Dimethylamine Uses And New Storage Method

Dimethylamine is a kind of organic matter, chemical formula C2H7N, colorless gas or liquid, high concentration or compression liquefaction, with strong unpleasant ammonia odor, very low concentration when the odor of fish oil. Used for the production of drugs, dyes, pesticides, leather hair removal agent, rubber vulcanization accelerator, rocket propellant, etc.

Dimethylamine action:

Mainly used as rubber vulcanization accelerator, leather hair removal agent, medicine, pesticides, textile industry solvents, dyes, explosives, propellants and organic intermediates such as dimethyl hydrazine,N, N-dimethyl formamide raw materials. The consumption of dimethylamine in the production of dimethylformamide accounted for 44.7% of the total consumption, the consumption of pesticide production accounted for 38.9%, and the consumption of medicine production accounted for 16.4%.


Dimethylamine use:

Dimethylamine is an important intermediate of pesticides, which can prepare fungicides formedil, formedil arsine, formedil zinc, formedil nickel, formedil arsenic, dimedil. Insecticides against aphivir, bicarbonate, bicarbonate, bicarbonate, bicarbonate, bicarbonate and bicarbonate; Herbicide chloromyron, isopropionon, cycloazinone, fluoxalon, etc.

Dimethylamine storage note:

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. The temperature of the warehouse should not exceed 30℃. Keep the container sealed. It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids and halogens, and should not be mixed. Explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities are adopted. Do not use mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to spark. The storage area should be equipped with leak emergency treatment equipment.


Notes on dimethylamine :

Health hazard: The product has a strong irritating effect on the eyes and respiratory tract. Skin contact with liquid dimethylamine can cause necrosis, eye contact can cause corneal damage, turbidity.

Ignition hazard: The product is flammable and has strong irritation.

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