Do you know what is diflubenzuron?

Diflubenzuron appears as white crystalline pure substance and as white to yellow crystalline powder in its original form. It is insoluble in water and poorly soluble in most organic solvents. It is relatively stable to light and heat but readily decomposes in alkaline conditions. It remains stable in acidic and neutral media. Diflubenzuron exhibits significant toxicity to arthropods and silkworms but is safe for humans, animals, and other organisms in the environment. It is classified as a low-toxicity and environmentally friendly pesticide.

Diflubenzuron Mode of action

The mode of action of Diflubenzuron is distinct from conventional insecticides. It does not act as a neurotoxin or acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Its primary function is to inhibit the synthesis of chitin in the insect’s exoskeleton. It also damages the endocrine system and glands, such as the fat body and the corpora allata, thereby impeding the insect’s normal molting process.

Diflubenzuron is a benzoylphenylurea insecticide, and its mode of action involves inhibiting the synthesis of chitin synthesis enzyme in insects, thereby suppressing the synthesis of chitin in larvae, eggs, and pupae, leading to abnormal molting and death of the insect. After ingestion, it causes cumulative toxicity. Due to the lack of chitin, larvae cannot form a new exoskeleton, resulting in difficulties during molting and pupation. Adults face challenges in eclosion and oviposition. Eggs fail to develop properly, and the hatchlings die due to the lack of a rigid exoskeleton, ultimately affecting the entire generation of pests. This is the advantage of Diflubenzuron.

Diflubenzuron Primary formulations:

(1)20% suspension concentrate (SC)

(2)5% and 25% wettable powder (WP)

(3)5% emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

Usage methods: The 20% suspension concentrate is suitable for conventional spraying and low-volume spraying. It can also be applied using aerial spraying. To use, the concentrate should be thoroughly mixed by shaking, then diluted with water to the desired concentration, forming a milky suspension for application.

Here are the recommended dosage and dilution ratios for specific crops and pests:

(1)Forests: Pine processionary caterpillars, gypsy moths, leafrollers, tussock moths, and other pests – 7.5-10 grams per mu (4000-6000 times dilution).

(2)Fruit trees: Diamondback moths, peach twig borers, oriental fruit moths, and other pests – 5-10 grams per mu (5000-8000 times dilution).

(3)Crops: Whiteflies, bollworms, cabbage worms, leaf rollers, armyworms, and tent caterpillars – 5-12.5 grams per mu (3000-6000 times dilution).

Diflubenzuron Precautions:

(1)Diflubenzuron is a growth regulator and is not suitable for application during the high or mature stages of pests. It is most effective when applied during the early stages of pest development.

(2)Suspension concentrates may undergo slight separation during storage, so it should be thoroughly mixed before use to ensure proper efficacy.

(3)Avoid contact between the pesticide solution and alkaline substances to prevent decomposition. Early-stage application is recommended, and spraying should be done uniformly.

(4)Be cautious when using Diflubenzuron in areas with beekeeping or silkworm rearing, as bees and silkworms are sensitive to the pesticide. Protective measures should be taken if necessary.

(5)Sediment should be stirred well before use to achieve uniformity.

(6)Diflubenzuron is harmful to crustace


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