Ethylene Glycol Product New Introduction

Ethylene glycol (ethylene glycol), also known 1, 2-ethylene glycol, referred to as EG. With the chemical formula (CH2OH)2,CAS login number 107-21-1, it is the simplest diol. Ethylene glycol is colorless, odorless, sweet liquid, low toxicity to animals, ethylene glycol can be miscible with water and acetone, but the solubility is small in ethers.

Ethylene glycol product use

Mainly used to make polyester polyester, polyester resin, hygroscopic agent, plasticizer, surfactant, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosives, and used as a solvent for dyes, inks, etc., to prepare antifreeze for engines, gas dehydrating agents, Manufacture resin, also can be used as wetting agent for cellophane, fiber, leather, adhesive. It can produce synthetic resin PET, fiber-grade PET that is polyester fiber, bottle-grade PET for making mineral water bottles, etc. It can also produce alkyd resin, glyoxal, etc., and is also used as an antifreeze agent. In addition to being used as an antifreeze agent for automobiles, it is also used for the transportation of industrial cooling capacity. It is generally called a brine. At the same time, it can also be used as a condensing agent like water.

Ethylene glycol methyl ether series products are high-grade organic solvents with excellent performance, used as solvents and thinners for printing inks, industrial cleaning agents, coatings (nitrocellulose paint, varnishes, enamel), copper clad laminates, printing and dyeing, etc.; can be used for production Raw materials for chemical products such as pesticide intermediates and synthetic brake fluids; as electrolytes for electrolytic capacitors, dyeing agents for tanning chemical fibers, etc. Used as textile auxiliaries, synthetic liquid dyes, and raw materials for desulfurizers in fertilizer and oil refining production, etc.

Production Methods of ethylene glycol(EG)

Ethylene glycol is an important organic compound, widely used in chemical, paint, plastic, medicine, textile, and other industrial fields. The following are four methods for preparing ethylene glycol.

Methanol hydrolysis

Method of hydrolyzing methanol to ethylene glycol in the presence of a catalyst. Methanol hydrolysis reaction material cost is low, but the reaction conditions are high, need to use high pressure, high temperature and other conditions, so it is rarely used in industry.

Glycol hydrate decomposition method

 It is the method of heating and dehydrating glycol hydrate into glycol. The reaction conditions of this method are relatively simple, but the cost is high, the yield is low, and it is generally only used for preparing a small amount of ethylene glycol in the laboratory.

Ethylene oxidation method

It is the main method of producing ethylene glycol in industry. Ethylene is oxidized in the presence of air or oxygen to produce ethylene oxide, which in turn reacts with water in the presence of an acid catalyst to produce ethylene glycol. This method has mild reaction conditions, low cost and high production efficiency, and is one of the main methods for industrial production of ethylene glycol.

Ethane oxidation method

the ethane is oxidized to acetaldehyde in the presence of air or oxygen, and then the acetaldehyde is oxidized to acetic acid, and finally the acetic acid is heated and decarboxylated to acetic anhydride, and then hydrogenated to ethylene glycol in the presence of a catalyst. This method has harsh reaction conditions and high cost, but its reactive material source is rich, which is another important preparation method of ethylene glycol.


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