Market prospect of succinic anhydride at home and abroad


Succinic anhydride, a vital chemical compound in the field of chemical engineering, has been gaining significant attention in both domestic and international markets. Its diverse applications and eco-friendly properties make it a promising product with immense growth potential. In this article, we will delve into the current market trends and potential opportunities for succinic anhydride on a global scale.

1. Growing Demand and Applications:

Succinic anhydride holds a crucial position in various industrial sectors, including pharmaceuticals, polymers, resins, and agrochemicals. With the increasing demand for sustainable and bio-based chemicals, succinic anhydride has emerged as a favorable alternative to traditional petroleum-based compounds. Its applications range from plasticizers and solvents to corrosion inhibitors, making it a versatile chemical with scope for further expansion.

2. Favorable Environmental Factors:

The global push towards sustainable development and stricter environmental regulations has paved the way for succinic anhydride as a green alternative. Its non-toxic and biodegradable nature positions it as a valuable component in producing eco-friendly products. As more industries prioritize sustainability and carbon neutrality, succinic anhydride offers a strategic advantage in fulfilling these requirements.

3. Expanding Market Presence:

In the domestic market, succinic anhydride has witnessed a continuous growth trajectory. China, being a major producer, has seen significant investments in the development of succinic acid plants, creating a robust domestic supply chain. Furthermore, the Chinese government’s initiatives to promote bio-based chemicals and bioplastics further bolster the demand for succinic anhydride in the region.

4. Competitive International Landscape:

The international market for succinic anhydride is also experiencing remarkable growth. North America and Europe have emerged as major markets due to the rising demand for sustainable materials across various industries. The automotive, packaging, and pharmaceutical sectors are particularly driving the consumption of succinic anhydride in these regions.

5. Technological Advancements and Innovations:

With ongoing technological advancements, manufacturers are continually improving the production processes of succinic anhydride. These advancements not only enhance the quality and yield but also reduce production costs, making succinic anhydride more economically feasible. Innovative methodologies like bio-based fermentation methodology have also gained traction, further strengthening the market position of succinic anhydride.

6. Research and Development Efforts:

Research and development activities focusing on succinic anhydride are witnessing a surge globally. Collaborations between academic institutions, research organizations, and industry players are leading to the discovery of novel applications and production methods, adding impetus to the market growth. The increased R&D endeavors ensure a steady stream of advancements and improvements, fostering a positive outlook for the succinic anhydride market.


The succinic anhydride market is witnessing a remarkable rise in both domestic and international arenas. The growing demand for sustainable chemicals, coupled with the eco-friendly properties of succinic anhydride, establishes a positive market environment. With extensive applications across diverse industries and ongoing technological developments, succinic anhydride is poised for further expansion and profitability.


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