New Development prospects of N, N-dimethylacetamide

Production at home and abroad

Domestic production situation

In China, N, N-dimethylacetamide production is 10,000 tons of products, manufacturers are mainly Shanghai Jingwei Chemical Co., LTD., Shanghai Jingzhong Chemical Plant, Shanghai Xinhua Chemical Plant, Jinan Gaochuang Chemical Co., LTD., Suzhou Yin biochemical factory, Hebei Chemical Industry Research Institute experimental factory. In addition, at present, Beijing Beihua Fine Chemicals Co., LTD. (Beijing Chemical Plant), Shenyang Chemical Reagent Factory and other enterprises produce reagent grade dimethylacetamide, with high product accuracy, and the output is generally only tens of thousands of tons, or even less than l wt, which can be ignored here. A few years ago, DMAC manufacturers more, due to the price of raw materials, a number of acetic anhydride method, acetyl chloride method as raw materials to produce DMAC enterprise product prices are high, and acetic acid production enterprises compared with no obvious advantages, most enterprises are not transformed into acetic acid method, is forced to stop production, resulting in domestic production enterprises to start insufficient.

In September 2004, the first 6000t/a DMAC production line in China was officially put into operation in Shanghai Jingwei Chemical Co., LTD., and in November 2005, the second production line was also smoothly put into operation. In order to make the product meet international quality standards, process technology changes are carried out on the second production line to meet the needs of the international market.

Zhejiang Jiangshan quotes the production technology of the United States DuPont Company, built a production line of 20,000 tons/year, and the process technology is supported by the United States DuPont, so the product quality is consistent with DuPont. Today, DMAC produced by Jiangshan Group’s two production lines has become the main supply in China.

Foreign production overview

At present, there are many countries producing dimethylacetamide abroad, mainly distributed in South Korea, Germany, the United States, Japan, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The competition is greater in a Korean company, whose products enter the Chinese market more. With the development of Japanese and Korean industry, the company’s products basically cope with the market supply of South Korea and Japan, and the volume of exports to China gradually shrinks.

The main domestic and foreign supplies in 2013 are shown in the table.

Market demand

The manufacturers of diethylacetamide in China have increased in recent years, but the products belong to fine chemicals, and the production of the manufacturers is not large, which can basically meet the domestic market demand. Due to the continuous improvement of product production technology and production technology, the DMAC index of Zhejiang Jiangshan Group has reached the international leading level of similar products. In 2013, the DMAC production capacity of Jiangshan Group has reached 40000t / a, with a domestic market share of 55%. Other domestic manufacturers are less than 30%, and the market share of foreign products is relatively small, mainly because South Korean companies have imported their products to me. In 2012, the import volume of foreign diethylacetamide was 1200t. Due to DMAC in the great usage of spandex drawing, since 2005, with the expansion of spandex industry investment, stimulate the production of DMAC manufacturers, lead to a lot of DMAC into the market, due to the consumption of other industries increased year by year, especially in the petrochemical industry demand will have larger growth, in the next few years of DMAC quality and price competition will be more and more fierce. Its potential market development prospects mainly include the following aspects: first, the development of China’s spandex industry has great potential for the demand of DMAC. Second, economic and environmental protection; DMAC is expected to surpass DMF (diethylformamide) in the future solvent field. The toxicity study shows that DMF can cause damage to human liver, kidney, lung and other organs, especially to the liver, and its reproductive toxicity and carcinogenic properties are more and more concerned. In comparison, DMAC will be widely recognized as a polar solvent.

DMAC production is limited due to cost reasons (DMF at 7000 yuan / t and DMAC at 10200 yuan / t). Therefore, to improve the production process and reduce the production cost will have an advantage in the market competition. In addition, on the premise of meeting the demand of the domestic market, we will develop DMAC high-end products, strive for its competitiveness in the international market, and win more space for domestic products.


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