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Butanol | CAS: 71-36-3 | C4H10O

The manufacturer of Butanol, CAS number 71-363, molecular formula C4H10O. 1-Butanol, also known as n-butanol or butyl alcohol, is a four-carbon alcohol. It is a clear liquid with a slightly sweet odor and is widely used as a solvent, particularly in the production of coatings, adhesives, and resins. Additionally, it serves as a raw material for the synthesis of various chemicals and derivatives.

Characteristics of Butanol

CAS number71-36-3
EINECS No200-751-6
Molecular FormulaC4H10O
Formula Weight74.12
Appearancecolorless transparent liquid
Boiling Point117.6ºC
Melting point– 90 °C (lit.)
Purity90%, 99%Min
TypeAgrochemical Intermediates,Dyestuff Intermediates

Applications of butanol

1.Butanol can be used as a chromatographic analysis reagent, and also used in organic synthesis, etc.

2.Butanol is a food spice that is allowed to be used in my country’s “Hygienic Standards for the Use of Food Additives”. It is mainly used to make food flavors such as bananas, cream, whiskey and cheese. The amount used in candy is 34mg/kg; in baked foods are 32mg/kg; in soft drinks are 12mg/kg; in cold drinks are 7.0mg/kg; in cream is 4.0mg/kg; in alcohol is 1.0mg/kg.

3.Butanol is an intermediate of the herbicides, 2,4-D-butyl ester, butachlor, fluazifop (stable) and fine fluazifop.

4.Butanol can be used as extraction solvent and pigment diluent.

5.N-butanol is mainly used to make the phthalic acid, dibutyl phthalate, aliphatic dibasic acids and n-butyl phosphoric acid plasticizers, which are widely used in various plastic and rubber products. It is also the raw material for the production of butyraldehyde, butyric acid, butyl acetate, butylamine and butyl lactate in organic synthesis. It is also an extractant for the production of melamine resin, acrylic acid, oil, drugs (such as antibiotics, hormones and vitamins) and spices, and an additive for alkyd resin coatings. It can also be used as a solvent and dewaxing agent for organic dyes and printing inks.

Butanol for Sale

Packing:Packed in drums according to customer requirements (sealed and protected from light, avoid damage and moisture absorption, and avoid direct sunlight).Shipments with a small quantity will be sent by express delivery, and goods over 25kg will be sent by logistics.

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