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Chlormequat Chloride | CAS: 999-81-5 | C5H13Cl2N

Chlormequat (CCC) is well known as cycocel plant growth regulator. The chemical formula is C5H13Cl2N. Appearance is white crystal, with fishy odour, easy to deliquescence. 

Characteristics of chlormequat chloride


White powder



Loss on drying


Melting point


Residue on ignition


Molecular weight:


Model Number:


Brand Name:



Plant Growth Regulator

Uses of chlormequat chloride

1. Chlormequat is an excellent plant growth regulator, which can be used in crops such as wheat, rice, cotton, tobacco, corn and tomato, to inhibit the elongation of crop cells, but not to inhibit cell division, which can make plants shorter and stems shorter.

2. The chlormequat chloride can make plant leaves turn green, can make crops resistant to drought and waterlogging, prevent crops from growing excessively,

3. resist salinity and alkali, prevent cotton from dropping bolls, and increase potato production.

4. CCC is often used in combination with ethephon in floriculture and other horticultural applications to control plant shape, size and flowering.

Chlormequat Chloride for Sale

cycocel ccc chlormequat chloride package:

· 1kg aluminium foil bag

· 25kg woven bag

· 25kg fiber can

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