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Dimethylacetamide | 127-19-5 | C4H9NO | DMAC

Dimethylacetamide, also named nn dimethylacetamide,DMAC, is an organic compound. Dimethylacetamide chemical formula is CH3C(O)N(CH3)2 The CAS number is 127-19-5. Dimethylacetamide is colorless transparent liquid, flammable. Dimethylacetamide can be easily mixed with organic solvents such as water, alcohol, ether, ester, benzene, chloroform and aromatic compounds. It is used to make drugs, synthetic resins, and also used as a solvent for polyacrylonitrile spinning and an extraction and distillation solvent for separating styrene from carbon eight fractions. By the role of dimethylamine and acetyl chloride in the system.

Characteristics of Dimethylacetamide

CAS number127-19-5
EINECS No201-152-2
Molecular FormulaC4H9NO
Formula Weight87.12
AppearanceColorless Clear Liquid
Boiling Point164 ℃
Melting point-20 ℃
Packagedrum ibc iso tank


Packing Details

190KG*80 drum,15.2tons/FCL

950KG*20 IBC drum,19tons/FCL

20-22tons/ISO TANK

Uses of DMAC

1)Good polar solvents used as raw materials for synthetic fibers and organic synthesis

2)Organic synthesis, also used as solvent, catalyst and paint remover

3)The use of DMAC is mainly used as synthetic fiber (acrylonitrile) and polyurethane spinning and synthetic polyamide resin is used for solvent, extractive distillation solvent separation styrene from C8 fraction, and is widely used in polymer films,coatings etc..

4)Use for the synthesis of reactive solvents, synthetic fiber spinning and synthetic resin solvent, solvent, paint, etc..

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