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N,O-dimethyl-N'-nitrosourea | CAS: 255708-80-6 | C3H7N3O3

The manufacturer of N,O-dimethyl-N’-nitrosourea,  CAS number 255708-80-6, molecular formula C3H7N3O3. N,O-dimethyl-N’-nitrosourea (DMNU) is an organic compound used as a laboratory reagent and as a chemical intermediate. It is a pale yellow solid that is primarily utilized in the synthesis of various pharmaceuticals, particularly those with antitumor properties. DMNU is known for its alkylating properties and its ability to induce DNA mutations.

N,O-dimethyl-N'-nitrosourea Physical and chemical properties

CAS Number255708-80-6
EINECS No249-265-6
Molecular FormulaC3H7N3O3
Formula Weight133.11
AppearanceWhite Crystal
Boiling Point189.8±23.0 °C(Predicted)
TypeSyntheses Material Intermediates

N,O-dimethyl-N'-nitrosourea uses

N,O-dimethyl-N’-nitrosourea is used as a pesticide intermediate, dye intermediate and organic synthetic intermediate.

N,O-dimethyl-N'-nitrosourea manufacturers

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