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Poly(tetrahydrofuran) | CAS: 25190-06-1 | C16H33O5X2

Poly(tetrahydrofuran), also known as polyTHF or polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG), is a thermoplastic polymer with a chemical structure consisting of repeating units of tetrahydrofuran (THF). It is a flexible and transparent material with excellent mechanical properties.

Physicochemical properties of Poly(tetrahydrofuran)

CAS number25190-06-1
EINECS No202-830-0
Molecular FormulaC16H33O5X2
Formula Weight305.43
AppearanceWhite wax solid
Boiling Point195.7±0.0 °C
Melting point33-36 °C

Poly(tetrahydrofuran) for Sale

Purity: 99%

Supply Ability: 3000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Package: 200kg/steel drum, 16MT/FCL


Application of Poly(tetrahydrofuran)

Poly(tetrahydrofuran)is mainly used as the soft segment of block polyurethane or block polyether polyester. Block polyurethane rubber made of Poly(tetrahydrofuran) with an average molecular weight of 1000 can be used as tires, transmission belts, gaskets, etc. Polythf can also be used in coatings, artificial leather, films, etc. The obtained block polyether polyester is a thermoplastic elastomer. Poly(tetrahydrofuran) with an average molecular weight of 2000 can be used to make polyurethane elastic fibers.

Poly(tetrahydrofuran) is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Segmented polyurethane made of Poly(tetrahydrofuran) has good anticoagulant properties and can be used as a medical polymer material.

Production Method of Poly(tetrahydrofuran)

Poly(tetrahydrofuran) was first prepared in the late 1930s. It is a polymer produced by ring-opening polymerization of tetrahydrofuran. It can only be obtained by the positive ion polymerization of tetrahydrofuran. The reaction is as follows:

nC4H8O+H2O====(initiator)====HO-[-C4h8o -]n-H

In industry, with acetic anhydride – perchloric acid, fluorosulfonic acid or fuming sulfuric acid as initiator, tetrahydrofuran polymerization into molecular weight of 600 ~ 3000, double end group for hydroxyl products.

With perchloric acid as the catalyst and anhydride as the terminal agent, polymerization was carried out at a temperature below 25℃, and then sodium hydroxide solution was added to terminate the reaction. After distillation, unreacted tetrahydrofuran and water were removed, the polymer was washed with water to remove the salt, and then steamed and dehydrated with Chemicalbook to obtain Poly(tetrahydrofuran) ether diol diester, and then methanol was added for transesterification. It is then neutralized with water, and the excess methanol and methyl ester are evaporated to get the crude product. Finally, it is dehydrated again to get pure Poly(tetrahydrofuran).

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