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PTA (Pure terephthalic acid)| CAS: 100-21-0 | C8H6O4

The manufacturer of PTA (Pure terephthalic acid),  CAS number 100-21-0, molecular formula C8H6O4.  PTA, or Pure Terephthalic Acid, is a benzenedicarboxylic acid and an important raw material in the production of polyester fibers, films, and plastics. It is a white crystalline powder that exhibits excellent thermal and chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in textiles, packaging materials, and other industrial applications.

Characteristics of PTA (Pure terephthalic acid)

CAS Number100-21-0
EINECS No202-830-0
Molecular FormulaC8H6O4
Formula Weight166.131
AppearanceWhite to Almost white powder to crystal
Boiling Point392.4ºC at 760 mmHg
melting point300 °C

Use of PTA (Pure terephthalic acid)

PTA (Pure terephthalic acid)is the main raw material for the production of polyester, it can be directly esterified with ethylene glycol polycondensation to obtain polyester, but also can be made into engineering polyester plastics, but also as a plasticizer raw material and dye intermediate.

PTA (Pure terephthalic acid) for Sale

Packing: The bag products are lined with plastic film bags, each bag of product net weight 1000±2kg. The packaging bag should be printed with the name of the factory, address, trademark, product name, grade, batch number, net weight and standard code. Stainless steel tank truck can also be used for loading. Check whether the tank truck is clean and dry before loading. After loading, the feed port should be sealed and lead seal applied.

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