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Succinic anhydride | CAS: 108-30-5 | C4H4O3

The manufacturer of Succinic anhydride, CAS number 108-30-5, molecular formula C4H4O3. Succinic anhydride is an organic compound with the formula (CH2CO)2O. It is a white crystalline solid that is commonly used in the production of various polymers, resins, and coatings. It serves as a key building block for the synthesis of biodegradable plastics, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical derivatives.

Characteristics of Succinic anhydride

CAS Number108-30-5
EINECS No203-570-0
Molecular FormulaC4H4O3
Formula Weight100.07
AppearanceWhite transparent sheet
melting point118.3℃
Packinglined plastic bag, a coat woven bag.
TypeOrganic raw materials

Use of succinic anhydride

1.In food processing, succinic acid is an ideal sour agent, the sodium salt of succinic acid can improve the quality of soy sauce, bean sauce, liquid seasoning and refined products, used in pickles, ham, sausage, fish processing products, canned meat and other flavor amendments, but also used in milk powder, milk powder, milk tablets, biscuit reinforcers, to promote growth and development.

2.In medicine and health, sodium succinate has cure coma effect, succinate ammonium salt can be sedative, acid and its anhydride used to manufacture sulfonamide, vitamin A, B6, hemostatic drugs and cortisone derivatives, acid detoxification of barbiturate poisoning, ethyl succinate erythromycin and fame fungus sand, is commonly used oral antibacterial drugs.

3.In agriculture, succinic acid is a plant growth hormone, which can control plant growth, regulate nutrients, increase drought resistance, disease resistance and frost resistance. For crops, it can generally increase the yield by 10% -20%. It is also used to treat barley smut and be used as an additive for herbicide.

4.utanoic acid is also an intermediate of synthetic photographic chemicals. The product of succinate condensation with 2,6-diaminopyridine is widely used for solid acid pigments in photographic substrate, and gelatin reacts with succinate to improve the performance of silver halide photographic emulsion.

5.Succinate acid derivative is a good surfactant, which is a component of scale remover, soap and emullster; succinate acid can produce depilant, toothpaste, cleaning agent, and high efficiency wrinkle removal ester. Butanoic acid is also used in fuels, lubricants, additives, and elastomers. Buinic acid has accelerating and stabilizing effects on chemical nickel plating.

Storage conditions and hazards of succinic anhydride

Buinic anhydride has strong hygroscopic, placed for a long time easy to absorb water deterioration. Therefore, succinic anhydride needs to be sealed packaging, as far as possible to avoid oxidants and alkaline substances, stored in a dry environment at room temperature, preferably stored in the dryer. Buinic anhydride belongs to low toxicity chemicals. When the hot succinic acid or anhydride is treated in production, the activated carbon protective mask and gloves should be worn to prevent irritation of mucous membrane and causing skin damage. In addition, the compound also exists in the spice tobacco leaves and smoke.

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