Requirements for using Chlormequat Chloride on flowers:

When using Chlormequat Chloride on flowers, different concentrations, application frequencies, intervals between applications, and methods should be employed based on the flower species, growth stage, and flowering period to achieve the desired landscape effect and flowering control.


Apply 100mg/kg solution when the leaf buds emerge a few centimeters. Spray every 20-30 days for a total of 3-4 times to inhibit rapid leaf growth.


Spray with a 500mg/L solution to increase branching, or mix 5-20mg/kg solution with soil (1g per pot with a diameter of 30cm) to achieve significant dwarfing, increased branching, aesthetically pleasing plant shape, and abundant flowering.


Treat the soil with a 3mg/kg solution to reduce plant height, enhance stem thickness, deepen leaf color, and improve flower appearance.


Soak tubers in a 250mg/kg solution before sowing to reduce plant height and flower stalk length.


Spray with a 1-3mg/kg solution when new leaves bend. Spray once a week for three consecutive weeks to dwarf bent new leaves, intensify leaf color, achieve moderate length, and enhance ornamental value. For potted ferns, apply a 2500mg/kg solution to leaf stalks to significantly inhibit leaf growth.


To dwarf potted bamboo, inject 2-3 drops of Chlormequat Chloride solution (concentration: 100-1000mg/L) into bamboo internodes every 1-2 segments, starting when the bamboo shoot emerges about 20cm from the soil. Repeat every two days. After treatment, the bamboo’s height will be only 1/5 of untreated bamboo.


Dilute a 50% water-based solution 2500 times and use it for root irrigation every half month until bud formation. Stop using after flower buds appear. This method will result in dwarfed, robust plants with orderly flower clusters.


Spray with a 400mg/kg solution when flower buds reach 1.5cm in size. Spray again after 2 weeks or use an 800mg/kg solution for a single spray. This will promote flowering, reduce plant height, and enhance plant appearance.


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