Specification for Design of Dimethylacetamide Storage Tank

Dimethylacetamide is a common organic chemical raw material, which is widely used in industrial production. Storage of dimethylacetamide requires special attention to its chemical properties and hazards. This article mainly introduces the design specifications of dimethylacetamide storage tanks, hoping to provide reference for the storage tank design of chemical companies.

Precautions for the design of dimethylacetamide storage tank

1.Determination of storage tank volume

The density of dimethylacetamide is 0.932g/ml, so the volume needs to be determined according to its volume when designing the storage tank. Generally speaking, the volume of the dimethylacetamide storage tank should be determined according to the needs of the production process. At the same time, when designing the storage tank, it is necessary to reserve a certain volume margin in consideration of possible liquid level changes and other factors.

2.Selection of type

According to different production sites and storage conditions, different storage tank types can be selected. Generally speaking, the dimethylacetamide storage tank adopts a vertical cylindrical or spherical shape. This type of storage tank has high structural strength and is easy to clean. However, if the service life and corrosion resistance of the storage tank are considered, stainless steel materials can also be considered.

3.Selection of material

When selecting tank materials, the chemical properties and hazards of DMA need to be considered. Generally speaking, it is best to use stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced plastics for dimethylacetamide storage tanks, which have better corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. But if you want to save costs, you can also consider using galvanized sheets or other materials with better corrosion resistance.

4.Design of safety measures

In the design of dimethylacetamide storage tanks, safety measures must be taken into account. These measures include the installation of leakage alarm devices, anti-static grounding systems, lightning protection devices, fire prevention measures, etc. In addition, when the liquid level in the storage tank changes greatly, it is also necessary to consider installing a liquid level alarm device

5.Requirements of structural design

In the structural design of dimethylacetamide storage tanks, it is necessary to comply with national design specifications. These codes include design, fabrication and installation standards, and limitations on tank pressure, volume and temperature. In addition, appropriate welding materials and welding processes need to be selected to ensure structural rigidity and airtightness.

6.Requirements of design calculation

In the design calculation of the dimethylacetamide storage tank, it is necessary to take into account the limitations of pressure, temperature and volume. At the same time, the safety calculation of the storage tank is also required to determine the reasonable distribution of the load, the structural rigidity and wind resistance of the storage tank, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the storage tank. In addition, design verification and inspection are required against design specifications.

In short, the design specifications of dimethylacetamide storage tanks need to take into account multiple aspects such as tank volume, type, material, safety measures, structural design and design calculations. The design of the storage tank must comply with the relevant national design standards and specifications, and the safe and reliable operation of the storage tank must be ensured through strict design, manufacturing and installation processes.


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