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The New Use of Methyl Alcohol You May Not Know

What’s Methanol

Methyl Alcohol (Methanol, CH3OH) system structure is the most simple saturated unitary alcohol, CAS number 67-56-1, 170082-17-4, molecular weight 32.04, boiling point 64.7℃. Also known as “wood alcohol” or “wood essence”. It’s a colorless, volatile liquid that smells of alcohol. The lowest dose of oral poisoning in humans is about 100mg/kg body weight, and orally ingested 0.3 ~ 1g/kg can cause death. For the manufacture of formaldehyde and pesticides, and used as an extractant of organic matter and alcohol denaturant. It is usually made by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen gas.

The Uses of Methyl Alcohol

Methanol is an important organic chemical raw material, mainly used in the production of formaldehyde, the consumption of which accounts for half of the total production of nail yeast, formaldehyde is an indispensable raw material for the production of various synthetic resins. Methyl acrylate, dimethyl terephthalate, methylamine, methyl aniline, and methane chloride can be produced by using methanol as a methylation reagent. Methyl-yeast carbonylation can produce acetic acid, acetic anhydride, methyl formate, and other important organic synthetic intermediates, which are the raw materials for the manufacture of various dyes, drugs, pesticides, explosives, spices, and spray paint. At present, the synthesis of ethylene glycol, acetaldehyde, and ethanol with methanol is also increasingly paid attention to.

use of methyl alcohol
methyl alcohol used in painting

Methanol is an important organic solvent, whose solubility is better than that of ethanol, and can be used to prepare the paint. Some inorganic salts such as sodium iodide, calcium chloride, ammonium nitrate, copper sulfate, silver nitrate, ammonium chloride, and sodium chloride are more or less soluble in methanol. As a good extractant, methanol can be used in analytical chemistry for the separation of several substances, and also for the test and determination of boron.

the use of methyl alcohol

Methanol is an excellent fuel for energy. It is possible to add 3-5% methyl-yeast directly to the fuel of automobiles. Methanol as a direct fuel has attracted the interest of countries around the world. It is already used as fuel in some power stations. In May 1985, the Canadian government announced a national injection program to test methanol as fuel for buses and transport trucks. The first methanol gasoline plant with an annual output of 10,000 tons was built and put into production in Shunyi, Beijing in 1987. The methanol gasoline consists of 50% gasoline, 40% methanol, and 10% additives. The development and application of “high proportion methanol gasoline” have also been successful in the past few years in our country. The use of this fuel vehicle engine without modification, fuel octane number, causing air pollution is far less than diesel, and gasoline, the scientific and technological achievement to alleviate the shortage of fuel, promote the deep processing of coal and environmental protection is of great significance. Methanol can be used as rocket fuel in space.

Methanol can be used as an antifreeze agent. Adding the proper amount of methanol to the car water tank in the severe winter can keep the circulating cooling water in the tank from freezing. In prohibited countries, methanol is used as an alcohol denaturing agent, and methanol is mixed with ethanol to obtain denaturing ethanol, which has certain toxicity and makes it unfit for drinking. Methanol can produce methanol protein by microbial fermentation, which is rich in vitamins and proteins, and has the advantages of high nutritional value and low cost. It is quite a promising feed additive and can be widely used in the raising of livestock, poultry, and fish.

Methanol for Sale

1. Product Name: Methanol or Methyl alcohol

2.CAS NO: 67-56-1 or 170082-17-4

3. Molecular formula: CH3OH

4. Packaging: Packing in iron drums:

The packaging of methanol
methanol for sale
methanol 99.9%

160kg/iron drum, 80kg/iron drums, without pallets, 12.8 Tons/20’FCL;

160kg/drum, 152drums, without pallets, 24.32 Tons/40’FCL;

Packing in IBC drums:

800KG/IBC DRUM , 20 IBC DRUMS,(without pallets),16MT/20’FCL;

800KG/IBC DRUM , 32 IBC DRUMS,(without pallets),25.6MT/40’FCL

Packing in ISO TANKs:

18.5 Tons / ISO TANK

Caloong Methanol Advantages

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