The Uses of Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine should not be taken with boiling water, orange juice, or caffeinated beverages. However, creatine can be taken with a sugary drink to speed up the absorption of creatine by muscle cells.

While taking creatine, you should consume enough water every day to ensure cell hydration to prevent side effects such as muscle tightness, stiffness, cramps and metabolic burden.

Although creatine is not a medicine, but a large number of long-term use, will increase the burden of liver, kidney and other organs. Therefore, for general fitness trainers, a scientific and reasonable balanced diet is enough for a day’s nutritional needs, and there is no need to take additional creatine.

If there is an urgent need to take, be sure to take it on time, quantitatively and scientifically under the guidance of professionals, and choose high-purity, high-quality brands of creatine.

First, take creatine to reasonably grasp the dose and time. Excess creatine is uneconomical and can increase the body’s water weight, muscle cramps and metabolic burden. It is usually taken between meals, 30-60 minutes before training or competition, and after exercise. This can give full play to the best effects of creatine: taking before exercise can quickly replenish energy, and taking after exercise is to make full use of the muscle cells’ strong absorption of creatine in order to quickly fill.

Second, the administration of creatine should match the training content such as strength or speed, and be careful not to overtrain during the administration of creatine to prevent muscle and ligament strain. At the same time, it should be combined with protein and other nutritional supplements to provide sufficient raw materials for muscle growth, otherwise there will be no ideal weight gain.

Third, during the administration of creatine, sufficient water should be added every day to ensure the hydration of cells, to prevent the side effects of muscle tightness, stiffness or cramping after the use of creatine. However, creatine cannot be drunk with hot boiling water to prevent the structural change of creatine hydrate. It should also not be taken with orange juice or caffeinated drinks, because the acidic substances contained in the former will denature creatine hydrate into waste, and caffeine has a dehydrating effect on the body, which will affect the hydration of muscle cells.

Creatine should be taken with grape juice or other sugary drinks (except fructose), because the increase in insulin concentration caused by sugar accelerates the absorption of creatine by muscle cells. Studies have shown that creatine and sugar taken together can increase the reserve of creatine phosphate in muscles by 60%.

Five, high purity creatine monohydrate is the ideal supplement, many studies suggest that oral creatine phosphate and citrate creatine is ineffective to fill creatine phosphate in muscle.

Creatine powder is more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body than capsules and tablets.

Since the use of creatine can cause weight gain, it should be used cautiously for athletes who need to control their weight or reduce their weight.


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