What is a Chlormequat Chloride and Chinensis?

Chlormequat chloride is a plant growth regulator that inhibits cell elongation Long, but does not inhibit cell division, can make plants shorter, stalks thicker, So that crops can withstand drought and waterlogging, to prevent barren long lodging. Short and strong can shrink.Short internode, regulate plant type, prevent lodging, degrade quickly in plants,It can be quickly decomposed by soil microorganisms and has no effect on subsequent crops Bad effects.

Leymus chinensis is a kind of leymus leymus. It is an indispensable native grass for ecological restoration in China. It has the excellent characteristics of cold and drought tolerance, barren tolerance and salt and alkali tolerance.

Effect of Chlormequat chloride on reproductive growth of Leymus chinensis

Effect of Chlormequat chloride vegetarian on ear height of Leymus chinensis

At jointing stage, the lower the initial plant height, the greater the spike height reduction. In booting stage, the average spike height decreased by 33.31% after spraying 3 ~ 4 times. The number of sprays increased from 2 times to 5 times, and the average reduction rates were 26.66%, 28.43%, 34.13% and 35.68%, respectively. With the increase of spraying times, the decrease of ear height gradually increased.

Effect of Chlormequat chloride on ear length of Leymus chinensis

Most of the panicle length was reduced when Chlormequat chloride were applied, but the reduction of panicle length and the number of sprays had no obvious rule. There was no obvious rule on the effect of leaf height on ear length at different growth stages and initial application.

Effect of Chlormequat chloride on spikelet number of Leymus chinensis

There was no significant change in spikelet number of most materials sprayed with Chlormequat chloride at jointing stage. The effects of different spraying times and different growth stages on spikelet number had no significant changes.

Effect of Chlormequat chloride on the number of small flowers per spikelet of Leymus chinensis

There was no significant change in the number of small flowers per spikelet, and different spraying times and different growth stages had no effect on the number of small flowers per spikelet.


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