What is the insecticidal mechanism of diflubenzuron?

Diflubenzuron is a specific low-toxicity insecticide belonging to the benzoylcarbamate class. It exhibits both stomach poison and contact killing effects on pests. Its mode of action involves inhibiting chitin synthesis in insects, preventing larvae from forming a new exoskeleton during molting, which results in deformities and eventual death. However, the onset of its efficacy is relatively slow.

Diflubenzuron is a benzoylphenylurea insecticide, similar to diflubenzuron No. 3. How is diflubenzuron insecticide carried out?

Insecticidal mechanism of diflubenzuron

1.The insecticidal mechanism of Diflubenzuron is distinct from conventional insecticides as it does not act as a neurotoxin or acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Its main mode of action is inhibiting the synthesis of chitin in the insect’s exoskeleton, while also damaging the endocrine system and glands such as the fat body and the corpora allata. This disruption impedes the insect’s normal molting process.

2.The mechanism of action involves the inhibition of chitin synthesis in insects, specifically in larvae, eggs, and pupae, resulting in the inability to produce chitin in the exoskeleton. This leads to abnormal molting and eventual death of the insect. After ingestion, Diflubenzuron causes cumulative toxicity. Due to the lack of chitin, larvae cannot form a new exoskeleton, resulting in difficulties during molting and pupation. Adults face challenges in eclosion (emergence from the pupal stage) and oviposition (egg-laying). The eggs fail to develop properly, and the hatchlings die due to the lack of a rigid exoskeleton. Consequently, the entire life cycle of the pest is affected, highlighting the advantages of Diflubenzuron.

In addition to its mode of action, Diflubenzuron primarily functions as a stomach poison and contact insecticide.


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